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Meridian Gallery

Yes indeed, the time has come for another all-too-rare appearance of The Hurd Ensemble, this time at the lovely Meridian Gallery in the heart of San Francisco. We’re appearing as part of their Composers in Performance series, highlighting the role of composers who, as the name suggests, take part in performing their own music. Needless to say, it’s a totally different experience than having people play your work while you watch from the sidelines (not that that isn’t great, too), but it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase how much we influence each other on stage and off, and perform as a single unit.

We’ll be playing some new music too, an exceptionally electronics-heavy Mellotron-obsessed piece called Left Where It Fell that we’ve never performed in public as a group. Listen to an excerpt of the piece below:

This show will run the gamut from insanely rhythmic electro-acoustic pieces to sparse, purely acoustic chamber music – consider it a full-spectrum sampler of all the music I’ve written for the Hurd Ensemble over the years.


Meridian Gallery +Meridian Gallery - 2/8/14

Sat, Feb 8th – 8pm 
$10, $8 students/seniors
535 Powell St, San Francisco

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Thanks for reading. See you Saturday!


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